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Data Types


A point in time, usually with millisecond precision, represented as an ISO8601 date string (eg “2021-06-11T02:51:11.000Z”). Timestamps are in the UTC timezone as denoted by the “Z” suffix.


A number, represented as a String, which can have arbitrary size or precision. Most Centrapay APIs that deal with transactable value (ie. assets, payments, etc) represent the value as BigNumbers. Depending on the context, a BigNumber may be used to represent an integer or a decimal amount.


A monetary amount in a currency, represented as an Object. The amount is usually an integer in the smallest denomination for the currency (ie cents) but may be a decimal value for some currencies (eg Bitcoin). The currency is typically represented as an ISO4217 code.


Name Type Description
amount BigNumber Value in the currency’s smallest denomination (eg. cents).
currency String Currency code (eg. “NZD”).