Creating Test Money

In order to make testing easier, most Centrapay assets have a “test” variant which can be issued at no cost. In the case of money, issuing the test variant (eg “centrapay.nzd.test”) requires linking a “test” bank account which, instead of going through the banking system, sends transaction notifications to the email address of the initiating user.

The test bank account can be used to create a topup request. The 4-digit bank account verification code, which normally appears in your bank account statement, will be included in the emailed transaction notification.

The test assets can be created via either the Centrapay API or the Centrapay app.

Test bank accounts count toward resource quotas.


To create test dollars via the Centrapay API:

  1. Add email to Centrapay profile: If not already configured, set an email on your Centrapay user profile via the update profile endpoint  API .
  2. Create a test bank account: Create a bank account, using “00-“ as the bank account number prefix, via the create bank account endpoint  API .
  3. Create a test topup: Use the test bank account id to topup up via the topup endpoint  API . The topup must be created with a Centrapay user (ie: authenticated with JWT, not an API key) in order for the transaction email notification to be delivered.
  4. Verify the bank account: Post the 4-digit code from the test transaction confirmation email, along with the test bank account id, to the verify bank account endpoint  API .

Via Centrapay App

To create test dollars via the Centrapay app:

  1. Enable Test Assets: Create a test payment request at . Follow the link to pay the payment request ({id}) and, when prompted, enable test assets.
  2. Link Test Bank Account: Visit  and link a bank account using “00-“ as the bank account number prefix.
  3. Topup and Verify: Topup via  by choosing the test bank account. You will receive a test transaction confirmation email with a 4-digit code to “verify” the test bank account. After the bank account is verified, the topup amount will be released into your Centrapay account.